JazzFresno is a private non-profit 501(c)3 organization with a mission to promote jazz in the Central San Joaquin Valley through education and performance. JazzFresno envisions a Central San Joaquin Valley that appreciates and supports jazz. JazzFresno is made up of members who wish to see the Valley’s jazz scene grow and prosper.

The specific and primary purposes for which JazzFresno is formed are as follows:

  • To stimulate jazz music appreciation
  • To educate the public through lectures and workshops in jazz
  • To enhance the appreciation of technique, history and other areas of interest concerning the art of jazz
  • To support jazz musicians
  • To provide for student and adult jazz education
  • To stage special jazz music events and festivals in the community
  • To establish subordinate or affiliated organizations to carry out some or all of the above goals

JazzFresno Leadership

Joe Lizama, president
Bill Reeve, vice president
Tom Breen, secretary
Lori Hamada, board member
Sandy Headrick, treasurer
Ann Kloose, board member
Andrew Kloose, board member
Jim Page, board member, Milestones Youth Jazz Workshop Project Director

Brenda Myers, We Got the Beat Director