When you support JazzFresno, you are doing more than just making a donation. You are making an investment. Your investment allows us the resources to ensure that jazz continues to flourish in the Central Valley. It allows us to support jazz education for both students and educators, provide concerts and events that entertain as well as enhance jazz appreciation, and work with other community organizations to ensure a vibrant jazz community. 

As with any investment, of course, you expect a return. The return on this investment, though, is not in monetary reward, but in knowing that you are helping to lay the groundwork for a continued Valley landscape rich in jazz. You will see it in our programs; you will see it in our concerts, member events and workshops. You will see it in your community! 

Please consider an investment in JazzFresno. If you can afford a minimum of $5 per month, you can become a sustaining investor. Or, if you would prefer to make a lump-sum donation, great!  No matter your level of support, every investor in JazzFresno receives: 

  • Discounted tickets to JazzFresno Events
  • Discounts to other local jazz concerts
  • Free admission to jazz listening parties.

JazzFresno Investors Make it Happen!

A generous public who invests in JazzFresno is the lifeblood of the organization. These dollars provide the basic structure that allows us to operate programs like Jazz at the Library, offer concerts, support local performances, and put on educational events like our Jazz Educators Conference.

In short, your investment is vital to helping us continue to grow appreciation for this amazing original American art form. We offer a variety of options that allow you to invest in a lump sum that will suit every budget need.

To help be able to plan the most effectively, we are hoping you will choose to become a JazzFresno Sustaining Investor. This group gives automatically on a regular basis. That means you don’t have to worry about trying to remember if you have made your yearly donation. JazzFresno sustainers invest a minimum of $5 per month in support of JazzFresno. This allows us to ensure our operating budget is on solid ground, enabling us to spend our time working to provide even more events, concerts, and educational programs. This is ABSOLUTELY the best way to support the organization as it allows us to plan our programs knowing what funds will be available. 

But whether you choose to support us with a recurring or one-time donation, we  thank you for your kindness and the decision to support jazz in the Valley! Just click on the dimple for below to get things started! 

Invest in JazzFresno!


We can’t thank you enough for making the decision to invest in jazz by supporting JazzFresno. If you would prefer to use a check, great! We ask that you complete this form to ensure we credit your support properly. Then, please mail the form, along with your check, to JazzFresno, PO Box 26071, Fresno, CA . 93729