Send a kid to Jazz Combo School

While we have had to cancel Milestones Summer Jazz 2019, we have managed to put together a kind of “jazz camp lite” that will give 30+ kids the opportunity to play in a jazz combo with one of the Valley’s top jazz educators at “jazz combo school!”

However, when we cancelled camp, we also lost our scholarship sponsor. Though jazz combo school is much more affordable, just $125, there are still a number of kids whose families cannot comfortably come up with that amount.

That is where we hope you can help! Please consider making this one-time donation to Milestones Youth Jazz that will go directly to jazz combo schooL tuition for kids who can’t afford it.

JUST $125 will give a kid 10 hours of jazz instruction! And if that’s a bit much, any amount you donate will be most appreciated! Thank you for your help!